Yet Another Bad Turn Up. Text for tape – 1983.

Yet another bad turn up
a work based on a trouser
cut in the documenta 7 area
which table hi there, mmmm
oh ho well leave the beer
beige I think with some flair
coming in on the right zeit
moving up street feet
that sort of bad turn up
again for the book, no what
I mean

yet another bad turn up
taken the advice to base
on actually scene trouser
cut/dash in the documenta
area, which table on the no bad nove
coming in on the right zeit,
that sort of right turn up
again for the book, know what I mean
beige I believe with a moderate to
sixties flair oh no
bad one billo/brillo!
who makes the decisions
based on the style dilemma in the
selecter, matching beige
chaz and dave
kevin and trace
common as muck
flash as fuck

bad lapel
bad move
bad decision
bad one brillo
beige courtelle stretch flares
tight round the bum
hugging the knee and
flared at the ankle
the foremost exponent of
media control looses in the
trouser stakes
the whole operation revealed in a badly cut
pair of rather nasty trousers.
the work dares to ask questions about decisions
the great courtelle trouser crisis.