Process Projects Process Archive 1966 – 2006. Chelsea Space, London – 2006.

A six week process-spective ending on the same day and in the same street that McLean held his King for a Day, one-day retrospective at the Tate Gallery in 1972. During this time CHELSEA Space acted as a container for a collection of archives, films, posters, notebooks, paintings, proposals, drawings, prints, slides, ceramics, audiotapes, photographs, models, invitation cards, press cuttings, plans, objects and ephemera spanning four decades. At intervals across the six week period McLean unpacked elements from this collection, looked at them, discussed them, installed them, performed them, projected them, re-maked them, ordered them, and re-ordered them, hid them, listened to them, un-installed them and repacked them. Process Progress Project Archive, a series of prospective open conversations in a constantly changing and unfinished installation.

View images from the show: here