Pavilions for Nothing and Rooms for Redundant Gestures.
Norrkopings Kunstmuseum, Sweden – 1993.

Invisible – Grey
Invisible – Blue

Two paintings for invisible buildings for visible actions ideas thoughts notions stances memories predictions dreams descriptions prospects concepts

Nod, nudge, wink, wave, shake, shrug,
point, wink, glance, hint, signal, stand


Two paintings for a place for redundant gestures significant gestures a gestural debriefing centre a building designed for the specific purpose of investigations into gestural activity a muti media analytical synthesizing research platform theatre nod nudge wink

Nothing – White

A painting in four parts for a pavilion for nothing

Height, time, length, width, girth, angle

A painting for protuberance places in the sexless society the drome sin drome the sexarium multi sex for the under stimulated strollers and device dens obsession centres post avant and modern mock tudor free-form gesture areas community gesture fine gesture etc. situated deep in graph park centre of obsessive measurement weight speed height time length measured numbered numerated nudist nudge zone above sky invisible screened by thermal thermo static sealing ceiling ransparent roof sun block factor canopy variable determined sun strength morning awning sunset blind